DVD Jon Cracks Apple’s FairPlay DRM

It looks like DVD Jon can put another feather in his cracking hat.
He has cracked Apple's FairPlay DRM and intends to spin this into a
commercial venture. I would guess its a matter of time before this one
hits the courts.

From the article:

Jon Lech Johansen, a 22-year-old Norway
native who lives in San Francisco, cracked Apple's FairPlay
copy-protection technology, said Monique Farantzos, managing director
at DoubleTwist, the company that plans to license the code to

"What he did was basically reverse-engineer FairPlay," she said. "This allows other companies to offer content for the iPod."

At the moment, Apple aims to keep music
bought from its iTunes online music store only available for Apple
products, while songs bought from other online stores typically do not
work on iPods.