Jasco Delivers GE SmartHome Z-Wave Line of Affordable Automation

As the HA industry gains more traction, we will no doubt see more announcements like this. Jasco will be releasing an affordable line of Z-Wave products that will allow you to control your lights or small appliances.

Electronic House

All GE SmartHome Z-Wave Home Automation Products can be controlled remotely or manually at the device, act as signal repeaters to ensure the wireless command reaches its destination, and be included in groups or scene settings, Jasco says. The product line is designed not only to work well together, but also to work seamlessly with Z-Wave certified devices from other manufacturers (such as thermostats and garage door openers). Jasco's Z-Wave product line operates at 908.42 MHz for the mesh network and be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cordless phone friendly, the company adds.