I reached a milestone!


Well, it’s been close to four years now that I’ve been working with HTPCs and it just dawned on me that over this last weekend I finally reached one of my original goals that got me going down this path in the first place.  What is that you might ask?  Well, keeping in mind that this was about four years ago, one of my original driving forces to start looking into HTPCs was to be able to play Diablo 2 on our then new CRT HDTV.  I am now proud to say that after years of work, I finally found myself with time and ability (two things that never occur at the same time for me) to sit down and play a game of Diablo 2 with my brother and our wives.  Yes, that’s right, both of our wives played also, and I am proud to say that they both did great.  Sure this may be a small achievement for most of you out there, but this is why I started down this path in the first place.  And I had a lot of fun too. 

Now that I’ve actually accomplished something after all this time, I can rest easy knowing that this was all worth it!  And I didn’t even realize that I’ve already been doing it this long.  In some ways it seems like only yesterday, and in some ways it seems like there has always been an HTPC at our house.  Here’s to many more years of successful projects for all of us! Cool