Sandy Bridge Design Flaw Forces Recall

This is some disheartening news, Intel has revealed a silicon design flaw in their Sandy Bridge line of CPU’s and Chipsets. After a raving review by Missingremote’s Andy VanTil, hopefully Intel can fix this issue quickly and not delay the further roll-out of the Sandy Bridge line.  Intel said Monday that it discovered a design flaw in a chipset circuit and has “implemented a silicon fix.” […]

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Beginners Guide to Controlling your HTPC


In continuation of our Beginners guide series, this guide is all about controlling your HTPC. One thing that sets a “computer connected to your big screen” and it being a HTPC is how we interface with the system. Controlling your HTPC is all about the hardware and software combination you are using. Depending on if you are using the plethora […]

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Western Digital AV-GP 2 TB Hard Disk Drive


Over the years there has always been one constant when it comes to digital media consumption–hard drives, an essential necessity in the world of digital entertainment. If it wasn’t for a hard drive we would not have digital video recorders, computers and in our niche of the world, home theater computers. It seems like yesterday when I got my first […]

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Just been one of those weeks

As the title says it has been one of those weeks. Between having a sick daughter all weekend, getting into a small accident in my car due to an ice storm we had Saturday night into Sunday and then my HTPC decided to die on me Sunday night in the middle of a football game.So needless to say I’ve been […]

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Diamond HD Mini Media Player


Have you ever been on the road and wanted easy access to your content on that hotel TV or that projector at work and didn’t want to mess around hooking up your laptop? Want something ultra-portable,low cost and just works? The Diamond HD Mini Media Player (MP700) just might be that player you are looking for. Hardware Specifications Specifications:  Product […]

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Daily Frustrations when being a HTPC enthusiast

I’ve been using a HTPC in some way shape or form for over 7 years now. Throughout that time I’ve gone through every single stage of enthusiasm. Where in the beginning I was all gung-ho about everything I did, was willing to try new things, new pieces of software, new pieces of hardware, basically anything I could get my hands […]

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Actiontec Ethernet over Coax MoCA Network Adapter


Actiontec Ethernet over Coax MoCA Network Adapter   Have you ever been in that situation where wifi just doesn’t cut it, forcing you to try other network solutions such as Ethernet over power line and wanted tear your hair out in frustration? Whether you have a HTPC, a network media tank, or a video game console system you’ve been to […]

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Another Nail in the Coffin for Media Center?

Over the last year we Media Center enthusiasts have slowly seen Media Center, piece by piece, slip away. Last year at CES we saw the rise and fall of the Dish Network Media Center tuners. We saw Linksys discontinue their V2 Extenders , with the likes of Dlink and HP following suite right after. Last week at the Electronic House […]

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