Check Out MC screenshots in Windows 8

Looks like MediaCenter is still going to be included inside of Windows 8. Based off the screen shots nothing really has changes but the version number is different. This is a good sign with Microsoft still going to support it at this point. Nothing looks to have changed with the UI yet, apart from the version number, but these pictures […]

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Revisit Windows XP Media Center with Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott takes a look back at Windows XP Media Center. Looks at the highs and lows of Windows Media Center and what all the different updates brought and where we are today. This retrospective focuses on the XP versions of Windows Media Center as well as related products of that era, including Media Center Extenders and Portable Media Center. […]

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HDNation Dissects a Samsung 8000 HDTV

HDNation takes apart a Samsung 8000 HDTV and shows you every part and layer of the screen.. They try to tell you about every part as they are doing the dissection. Check it out   The shipper dropped this Samsung 8000… we dissect it and show you what’s inside! HDNation  

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IR Extender over HDMI


Have you tried to hide all of your component when you mount your TV to the wall but how will you get IR signal to all the hidden equipment? Well now you have another option from a company called Sewell. They use an unused CEC channel on the HDMI cable to send the IR signal through the cable you are […]

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Windows Based Kinect Controls

United Kingdom based company has developed software for the Kinect to interact with the PC. They have developed add ins for Media Center that give you the same Kinect feel inside of Media Center. They have two different versions that come in Home and Business. Home is for everyday apps and business adds in office to the mix. The question […]

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