Pioneer Releases new Elite Networked Audio Players


Looking for a new Networked audio player that gives you access to a large range of music formats from a vast variety of sources? Pioneer has release two new Elite brand of network audio players. They have access to your iTunes library, and AirPlay-enabled Apps like PANDORA®, iHeartRadio® and other music streaming services.  These devices will also play music and […]

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Mid-Season Premiers. Is your DVR ready?

This week we can welcome back new episodes of our favorite TV shows, and some new ones. There is a nice guide to when your favorite shows are starting back up and when new mid-season ones show up. Check out the calendar and set your HTPC up to record at least one episode of some new ones, how else are you […]

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Native ISO Support Coming to Windows 8


Microsoft has released screen shots of Windows 8 supporting ISO and VHD natively inside of the Operating System. It is going to be built right into the Explorer and will support mounting and ejecting right from any explorer menu. You will no longer have to burn a disc to access the information on the ISO or install any 3rd party […]

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Fall TV New Shows NBC

I just posted about GeekTonic list about ABC Shows, and Mike posted links to GeekTonic’s FOX shows. But this is the one I am most excited about. NBC seems to have some of the better if not most talked about new shows. Whitney looks funny and witty and looking forward to that one. Smash is a new musical based show like […]

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Fall TV New shows for ABC

GeekTonic posted his new shows from CBS, FOX and now ABC. He has a very indept look at the new shows coming for the fall. Today we are focusing on his ABC line up. He has a great article with embedded video of previews of each of the new shows coming. They have shows like Last Man Standing (with Tim […]

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Beginners Guide to installing Windows 7

Have you wanted to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7 or just do a fresh install and don’t know where to start? Running Windows 7 can be a huge time saver, and, in many cases, will run much faster on the computer you already own, with not much required. Maybe a memory upgrade to give your computer a little more speed. […]

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Adding Ambilight to your home theater

The fun people over at have found a cool alternative to Ambilight technology usually only found inside of Phillips systems. This system depends on video playing out of a computer…so just about everyone here has a HTPC. Who is going to try this out? We want some pictures. Like the others, this iteration depends on you playing back video […]

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