TiVo Premiere Goes Elite

Premiere Elite.png

TiVo just keeps upping the ante with their Premiere line of DVRs, and the newly announced TiVo Premiere Elite is no exception.  Packing support for four CableCARD tuners, MoCA bridging, and 2 TB of storage along with all of the streaming service support that TiVo has been bundling in for a while now, the Premiere Elite looks to be a […]

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Asrock Vision 3D Preparing to Cross Sandy Bridge

Vision 3D Series(m).jpg

Asrock has demonstrated a marked interest in the HTPC market over the last few years and has assembled a solid lineup of SFF barebones kits specifically aimed at HTPC enthusiasts. We even reviewed one of the early models, the ASRock ION-330 Nettop. The current cream of the crop Asrock SFFs are the Vision 3D line that combine an Intel Arrandale mobile processor with […]

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Intel Releases New Processors, Cuts Prices and Models


Intel has quietly introduced a whole heap of new Sandy Bridge processors, modestly cut the price on some old processors, and even discontinued a few Pentium processors. Most of the new models are simple speed bumps of previous models. There are couple of new low power processors, including the Core i3 2120T and the Pentium G630T, each bringing an extra 100 Mhz, […]

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DirecTV Doubles Down on HD


One company, two stories. DirecTV has been making waves in the land of HD over the last 24 hours. The first bit of news I found exciting, or at least I would if I were a DirecTV subscriber; the second bit of news I found perplexing. The exciting news for DirecTV subscribers is that DirecTV is finally adding AMD-HD to […]

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Dish Network Planning It’s Next Blockbuster Move


File this one firmly in the rumor category for now, but with a strong dash of it’s only a matter of time. Evidently Dish Network is preparing to unveil a Netflix-style streaming service under the Blockbuster brand. Dish bought up Blockbuster’s assets earlier this year. At the time, I was skeptical about Dish being able to do anything with the […]

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Sony Brings 3D to Streaming


Sony engineers must be wearing out the 3’s on their keyboards these days. They’ve got 3D TVs showing 3D Blu-ray movies in between bouts of 3D games played on the PlayStation 3, and now they even have 3D streaming thanks to the SMP-N200. It may not be the first 3D-capable media streamer, but it will be the first from a […]

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PowerDVD Taps the Power of Honeycomb


CyberLink has always done a good job of at least trying to move its flagship PowerDVD product beyond simply being a media player by jumping on new disc formats and building a social experience via MoovieLive, but now CyberLink is adding some mobility to its repertoire. Their new PowerDVD Mobile looks like a pretty solid Android media player with some […]

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Starz Ditches Netflix

Starz has decided not to renew its contract with Netflix. Starz and Netflix signed a deal back in 2008 when Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming service was still in its infancy. Starz was the first big name to make a major commitment to Netflix and was widely seen as a validation that Netflix had a shot at getting content that was […]

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