Movies (Almost) Anywhere

I remember clearly when the first UltraViolet (UV) titles launched. I had followed the development of the UV content ecosystem over several years and was excited to finally be able to start building a digital locker where I would be able to access my entire library in the cloud without the hassle of disc based backup to burned discs or […]

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Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor 6 now available

It’s a great idea to add water/flood monitoring into your home automation system. It can make a huge difference between a bad thing, and a catastrophe. This $60 Z-Wave sensor from Aeotec looks pretty nice, and includes vibration and temperature sensors as well as watching for H20. Water Sensor 6. Flood sensor. Leak sensor. Safety sensor. Z-Wave sensor. Monitor a […]

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OPPO Digital bids adieu

I’ve never had a chance to play with any of OPPO’s disc players, but they have an amazing reputation for setting the standard in quality and performance. So it was a bit of a shock, and a little saddening, to hear that they will no longer be manufacturing new products. I imagine the problem with OPPO’s business, comes down to […]

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