HomeSeer’s new Z-Wave switches now available

HomeSeer announced a couple new switches at CES 2018 with integrated RGB lights which can be used to indicated status for other elements in the control system. There is a $55 dimmer and a $50 toggle switch available, both support Z-Wave Plus, multi-tap, and S2 security. This isn’t a new concept in the home automation device market, but it is […]

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RHA T20i High Fidelity noise isolating DualCoil In-Ear Headphone with remote and microphone

With a quick glance, it is obvious that the $200 RHA T20i look the part of a premium in-ear headphone. Whether it’s the injection molded stainless steel driver housings, or the fit and finish of the other key touch points, we see fastidious attention to detail. Innovative design does not stop with the appearance either, including high-quality materials and RHA’s […]

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Yes, privacy matters, but…

This morning my sister, with whom I have an ongoing discussion around “smart device” privacy, sent me a link to Gizmodo’s “The House That Spied On Me”. As you can probably tell from the title, it’s mostly about how our connected devices collect and transmit information about us to The Cloud. Some of this is quite alarming, for e.g. Hulu […]

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