Plex Media Center Released for Windows


If you’ve ever looked at potentially using a Mac as your HTPC, then you almost certainly have considered Plex, a gorgeous application based off of XBMC that has always strictly been for Mac OS. Well good news, as they now have a Windows available for your testing and enjoyment. With PC’s, there’s SO many frontends to choose from but Plex […]

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Tips To Set Up Your TV

I am probably speaking to the choir here, however getting the most out of your HDTV is worth repeating.. and repeating.. and repeating a little more. It is a good thing that we have sites like the HD Guru to help us tweak our HDTVs. Get a Setup Disc – This one is fundamental. Sure you could mess around with […]

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Blu-ray Releases – February 15, 2011

A lot of older releases on the list this week, and honestly not too much that stands out to me outside of the pick… MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week  Unstoppable ** Denzel Washington and Chris Kline on a train for 2 hours? Oh yes, this is a thrill ride! It actually was fairly entertaining, as the two battle to stop […]

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Intel Core i3-2100T and DH67CF Mini-ITX Motherboard


In our launch coverage of Intel’s Sandy Bridge we took an in-depth tour of the platform’s capabilities.  But our previous coverage was limited to a higher end member of the CPU lineup with a 95 watt TDP, that made is less ideal for dedicated home theater PC (HTPC) use–especially considering its tantalizing siblings scheduled to arrive shortly thereafter. Fortunately we […]

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A Quick Look at Boxee Box Netflix

Since it’s Valentines Day I have to make this quick so just the highlights. Boxee’s Netflix uses the new HTML5 Netflix application HD is available Multi-channel audio tracks are listed (Dolby Digital Plus!), but don’t play – see the screenshot gallery for the error. Subtitles are listed and work DVD titles are listed in the results (but I wish they […]

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Boxee [Finally] Gives Netflix Love

It’s been a long time coming; hopefully the wait was worth it to all the Boxee Box owners out there.  I have to wonder how many potential buyers were waiting for this update… We are happy to announce that TV shows and movies streaming instantly from Netflix is now available on the Boxee Box by D-Link in the US and Canada. […]

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XBMC And The iPad

Have an iPad and frustrated by its inability to play certain files? Well so was our friend Damian who loves all sorts of video filetypes, so he jailbroke his wife’s iPad (now that’s love, huh) and threw XBMC on it. From the initial results, looks to be pretty sweet, although the interface clearly wasn’t designed for touch…yet. This is the […]

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WD TV Live Hub Reviewed

Keeping our tradition of trying to cover as much about media players and extenders (refer to our Buyer’s Guide, ahem), here’s a closer look at the WDTV Live Hub from fellow Media Center Connected Home MVP (i know that’s not the right title :-P) Barb Bowman, who seems genuinley impressed with the networking capabilities from WD. Enter the WD TV […]

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