HDHomeRun PRIME status update

Release to production in 2 weeks?  I’ve got to say I’m surprised, very suprised, but good news for HTPC enthusiasts. HDHomeRun® – PRIME™ Quick status update… We are at CableLabs® for the final review, with release to production in 2 weeks. Pre-order and release dates will be announced shortly following release to production. On the availability side we are working […]

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WHS Drive Extender Alternatives?

With [url=http://www.missingremote.com/news/2010-11-23/windows-home-server-vail-drops-drive-extender-twitterverse-goes-mad]yesterday’s announcement[/url] that MS is killing off DE in the next version of WHS (Vail), I’m on a quest to find a replacement.  What I’d like to get from everyone is what they would replace DE with. Obviously, the first option is RAID.  Personally, I’d go with RAID6 for the added safety net.  I have considered this many times […]

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Just been one of those weeks

As the title says it has been one of those weeks. Between having a sick daughter all weekend, getting into a small accident in my car due to an ice storm we had Saturday night into Sunday and then my HTPC decided to die on me Sunday night in the middle of a football game.So needless to say I’ve been […]

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Re-Launch Giveaway #5- Nvidia Geforce GT 430

Evga Geforce GT 430 Graphics Card

THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED, THANKS TO ALL FOR PARTICIPATING! Is everyone still enjoying the contest?? I surely hope so, because we still have a TON of prizes! Given the upcoming holiday weekend upon us, we decided to have a special prize and make it last longer than the rest. Thanks to our friends at NVIDIA, we have up for grabs […]

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