Sega Genesis Modded with a PC Inside


Pretty cool, although not the cleanest mod I’ve ever seen, that’s one tight space indeed! I wonder if people would be disappointed to not be able to play Battle Axe though…then again, I would hope the guy put an emulator on there! Case: Sega Genesis + CD Attachement Core Specs: Zotac 9300 itx Mobo Core2 E8500 3.2 ghz processor 4 […]

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S1Digital 100 Disk Blu-ray Changer

My experience with S1Digitals 100 disk Blu-ray changer was just about flawless. It would have been 100% except for the first unit they shipped me had an optical drive failure after ripping around 40 disks. Anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with S1Digial knows there support is top notch, so after trying a few things I was quickly […]

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Netflix inks with Universal and Twentieth Century Fox: first TV streams, more films, and 28 day rent

Wow, guess our weekly Blu-ray releases list just gained a bunch of new asterisks huh?!? Can’t say I’m at all surprised, I think everyone saw that once Netflix caved to one studio, the rest would follow suit.  Everyone’s streaming media darling, Netflix, has just reached terms with both Universal and Twentieth Century Fox. Both agreements beef up Netflix’s streaming content […]

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Made for Media Center Windows Media Center Addin


It’s been a while since our interview with famed Media Center developer Andrew Cherry on his Made for Media Center project with Ian Dixon, but good news has finally come with the arrival of the 10′ interface. Now you can finally install all these cool add-ins without having to take out your keyboard/mouse! We have been really pleased with the […]

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Weekend Forum Roundup, April 9th Edition

Lots of good banter as usual on the forums, here’s a quick reminder. Just a heads up, we are working on a bunch of new content for you guys, including the iPad and more, so stay tuned! Also don’t forget, if you would like to support the site, we do have Amazon, Newegg and Techbargains links on the right side…so […]

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Dr. Horrible Remixed as 8-bit NES Game


Being a fan of Joss Whedon and his Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, I just had to post this incredible rendition.  If you haven’t seen the original yet, please go watch it first or else you aren’t going to truly appreciate this.  A fan must have spent a ton of time putting this together and I think the results are […]

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Heatwave HTPC fun!

I’ve been happily chugging along with my SageTV server /client setup for some time now.  After 2 major snowstorms here in the northeast, accumulating a very unusual 48+ inches, only to be followed shortly thereafter by 2 rainstorms, which wound up with FEMA assistance coming in to some areas, we are now coming to the end of our first–quite early […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup,April 8th 2010

Happy Thursday everybody! Here’s our weekly podcast roundup! Lots of good stuff as always to welcome the weekend.   MythCast Episode 19 Interview with Cecil Watson of the LinHES project. Dan talks about upgrading his RAID setup to bigger hard drives. Pat will be speaking at SELF. The Custom Integrator Show #027 We finally are starting to understand the relationship […]

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Vacation Update

Hey guys.  Here’s a little tidbit that I thought I should share.  I was at Sea World yesterday with the family and while we were waiting to get on one of the rides in the kids play area the ride attendant directed that we "secure all cameras, video cameras, cell phones and Ipads."  I don’t think that this is part […]

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