GeekTonic Reviews the GlideTV Navigator

You may recall our GlideTV Navigator review , but I always enjoy reading other expert reviews to get different perspectives. I agree with most everything Brent offers here, and he goes in detail as always. Just really wish it didn’t cost $150…still a cool device. GeekTonic If you go in thinking this device is going to be like your Logitech […]

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3D HDTV and HDMI Explained


Great write-up as always from the, this time covering the beauty that is 3D HDTV and just how big a headache it is for your current installations. Your only solution will be to replace your receiver with a new one that’s 3D compatible or use one of a number of available “work arounds.” You can still use […]

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Wal-Mart Is Said to Be Buying Vudu Movie Service

Now here’s a pretty big deal, as Wal-Mart jumps into the streaming movie world head first by acquiring Vudu, which has recently grown by being integrated with TV sales. Not sure exactly how this affects Netflix, but you have to believe it’s got their attention. NY Times The retail giant has agreed to buy Vudu, a three-year-old Silicon Valley startup […]

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Logitech’s Touch Mouse for iPod Touch or iPhone


Logitech Touch Mouse At this point you have seen a number of different apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch designed to let you control your PC. Logitech has recently released their Touch Mouse app designed to do the same but at an impressive price–free. So what is the catch? Logitech already has established themselves with some wonderful hardware touch […]

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Upgrading to the Harmony 890

880 vs 890

As my wife and I planned the new layout of our TV room (which I know I still need to post about), I quickly realized that I would need to replace my Harmony 880 with an RF remote.  Due to cost constraints, I couldn’t go with my Christmas wish of the Universal Remote MX-880 and settled for the Harmony 890, […]

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Free Cloud Backup for Comcast Customers

Very tempting seeing as it could just be tacked on my bill as opposed to having to remember to pay another bill once a month.  50Gb would handle my pictures which is the main thing I worry about.   If you are a Comcast customer then you are now entitled to 2GB of cloud storage for FREE. This is their […]

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