High-Def Digest’s Holiday Cheat Sheet

Don’t give the tech lover in your family an ugly tie, instead give the gift that keeps on giving – Movies. High-Def digest has compiled a list of Blu-ray movies for every possible member of your family including dear old mom.   Blu-ray Gifts for Dad: ‘Casino Royale’ ‘James Bond Collection Three-Pack: Volume 1’ ‘James Bond Collection Three-Pack: Volume 2’ […]

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Community News

You see that Submit News button on the right hand side of the page? I admit I have not been monitoring the submitted news very closely. I know bad Al! However, we have a solution in place to ensure all news gets a little face time with the public. From now on in, all news submitted by the users will […]

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Hellboy II BD-Live director’s chat event recap

Sure the video and audio quality is an improvement but what about the interactive features? EngadgetHD has a recap of the BD-Live director’s chat from Hellboy II.   Accessing Hellboy’s BD-Live menu and logging in to our UniversalHiDef.com account wasn’t too troublesome thanks to a USB keyboard plugged into a PlayStation 3, but until we took the extra step of […]

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Trade group: video output limits will hit millions of HDTVs

It seems the MPAA is at it again.  This time it could eliminate the possibility of using a HDPVR to record the shows you love.   The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says that, if the Federal Communications Commission gives Hollywood a waiver on Selectable Output Control, 20 million HDTV sets will cease to function as they did when they were […]

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New! Beyond TV 4.9: Clear QAM + PlaceShifting

It never hurts to add a few major features to your HTPC software, however adding a couple of major HD tuning features is even better :).  The first one, though somewhat less important these days, is support for Clear QAM tuning that allows the end-user to tune and record channels that are transmitted in unencrypted QAM.  John had a chance […]

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The Daily Button: November 24th, 2008


Building upon their previos beta release that added EVR support, 6.5.2 adds a few bug fixes to make your EVR experience a better one. They also snuck in multi-threading for transcoding. *Hint – Click the SageTV logo for the link. Here is a poll that could be very useful to HTPC software makers everwhere. Over 1100 people responded to a […]

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MythTV vs. SageTV Smackdown: Part I

MythTV Vs. SageTV

Those of you that have followed my articles in the past know that I’m a Linux fan.  I appreciate it’s flexibility and potential.  I also enjoy a challenge and I don’t mind doing a little digging to solve a problem.  When it came time to hatch a HTPC system for the home, I naturally went with MythTV.  In fact, I’ve […]

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Video Formats Explained

Gizmodo has a good article up explaining the different video codecs and containers. Its worth the click imo, they do a pretty good job explaining the different file formats and codecs and how it relates to modern technology. Gizmodo Okay, so all that stuff up there are industry-wide standard video codecs. On top of all of those, various entities love […]

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HTPC Nerdvana


I wonder what it takes to get a job in the ehome labs? After seeing a few of EngadgetHD’s shots, I would dust off the old resume :). Click here to see a whole lot more pictures of the eHome labs and the DirectTV HDPC-20 tuner in action.    

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