Big Screen Headlines 2 released!


Are you ready to ready RSS feeds from your couch? I know I am 🙂 By now we all know Niall’s programming prowess and he does not fail to impress with his latest plugin. A standard RSS reader designed for VMC really doesn’t impress me much but once you use the plugin you start to see the little detals that […]

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8 Ways Networks Jump the HD Line…and keep going SD

I thoroughly enjoyed (and was bothered) by this article, which I don’t doubt its accuracy given the beuracracy that exists in the media industry. I remember working at Best Buy a LONG time ago, and promising customers that when the digital switchover happened, that then their HD TVs would get everything at amazing picture quality. Thanks cable companies! Sound & […]

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NetflixMC Plug-in Does “Watch Now” on Extenders

Now this is progress! Will be nice to see how this comes along. Extender support is a problem that had been plaguing all of the Netflix plugins. I’m eagerly awaiting a solution, and it will be interesting to see if any of the other plugins will implement something or not eventually as well. Chris L While Vista currently has three […]

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Life With a Plugin Episode 6.1 – Yougle 0.4.0 d


Ignorance Is Bliss has been hard at work for our HTPC community and has recently released an update to his Yougle plugin. Of course, that means we need to provide an update to our "Life With A Plugin" series! As mentioned in my previous episode, Yougle takes information typically found on a webpage and presents it in a 10′ UI […]

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What to do if your PC won’t turn on.

The folks over at Hardware Secrets have put together a guide for troubleshooting a PC that won’t start.  The problem of a suddenly dead PC seems to crop up every now and again so I thought that this article might help someone in the future.   Some sage advice from the article below…   Hardware Secrets Check if the main […]

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Pirates of the Carribean Themed Home Theater


Thanks to Chuck for sending this in. That is one nice theater, that would put the WAF off the charts in my house! Electronic House A bottle of rum may be enough of the pirate’s life for some. However, for Paul and Emily Konold, it’s all about the home theater. On one of the Konolds’ yearly pilgrimages to Disneyland, Paul […]

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SageMC given its own official forum

In a nice little nod to the hard work of MlbDude, Watter, Dirk (Flachbar), Mike (MeInMaui), and all of the dedicated plug-in developers, SageTV finally has given the SageMC STV it’s own official forum.  Hopefully this will encourage more community development and cause a lot less confusion.  SageTV It has been requested for a while and now here it is: a subforum […]

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The Register – 4 – 1TB HDD Comparison

El Reg Compares 4 – 1TB Hard Drives Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital. It is what is. Not done from an HTPC viewpoint  Reg Hardware In the last 12 months or so, the price of the Hitachi has fallen to £159 which pitches it squarely against the Seagate ST31000340NS Barracuda ES.2 and Western Digital’s WD1000FYPS RE2-GP. Hitachi uses five […]

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