The Media Center Show #151 – AMD Live! and Scott Evans from Microsoft

Ian’s up again, and he’s got one of the big wigs over at Microsoft, Scott Evans, discussing some stuff. A good listen as always, so listen in. Also, don’t forget to submit your Media Center images over to Ian for his Ultimate Media Center Enthusiast contest.

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:35 Email – Should you learn MCML?
03:13 Email – DVD Streaming
04:40 Big Screen Headlines v2 Launches – RSS reader for Windows Media Center
05:00 Email – Distributing content – Videredo
07:09 Email – Divx problems
08:15 Email – Show music , listen to more here
09:15 Email – Managing your media library
11:46 Autonomic Controls on Channel 10
12:10 Xbox 360 Arcade drops below £149
12:47 D-Link Extender
13:38 Hauppauge HD-PVR Component Video Recorder Delayed
14:07 Installing Vista Service Pack 1 and WMV playback problems
16:10 Don’t forget the forums
16:49 Reminder: Post your pictures of your Media Center Setup and win an Xbox 360 Elite
17:31 A message from One Voicedownload a free trial
18:42 Scott Evans from Microsoft
19:33 EHX
20:53 The Ultimate Custom Install Competition
24:00 What is being looked at
25:18 Prizes
27:26 Welcome to AMD Live!
27:52 What is AMD live?
30:47 AMD Live Explorer
35:00 AMD Live Fusion
37:13 LogMeIN
38:22 AMD Live communicator
39:51 AMD Live platforms
42:15 Where to go for more info


Listen to the show here .