NETGEAR Announces R7000 – Nighthawk AC1900 Wireless Router

Continuing the recent push towards summing Wi-Fi bands to classify wireless routers NETGEAR announced today their newest AC1900 (1300Mbps 5GHz AC + 600Mbps 2.4GHz N) Wi-Fi all-in-one the R7000 “Nighthawk”. This three stream router/access point/repeater/media bridge is based on the Broadcom 4709 Communication Processor; which is interesting for a few reasons – academically a shift away from MIPS to ARM […]

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ASUS WL-330N 5-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router


The myriad of network permutations encountered when traveling with multiple devices is so diverse that covering them all seems impossible. Wired only access, web based authentication or per-device access charges? The ASUS WL-330N 5-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router has it covered, offering five discrete operating modes: NAT firewall router, access point, repeater, Ethernet adapter or [the almost magical] hotspot. Naturally, packing […]

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Wi-Fi Alliance Finally Responds to WPS Vulnerability

WPS Logo

A couple of months ago, security researchers released details about a security vulnerability in Wi-Fi Protected Setup, the pin-based system for quickly and easily adding new devices to a Wi-Fi network. As it turns out, routers with WPS enabled are susceptible to a brute force attack that allows interested hackers access to the network in just a couple of hours. […]

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Wi-Fi Goes Gigabit+ with 802.11ac, Broadcom First in Line


It seems like just yesterday that network equipment manufacturers were falling all over themselves to release Draft-N Wi-Fi devices so that they could squeeze in a whole product cycle before the IEEE finalized the 802.11n spec. The idea of a wireless network that could send data at 150Mps meant that it just might be possible to place that HTPC anywhere […]

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Western Digital Live Wire Power Line AV Kit

Power Line networking is not new by any means, but the companies behind it have continued to try to improve the technology. The toughest part about it is that the performance varies based on the design and age of your house, so keep that in mind if you’re considering. You can  see from the results the the WD Livewire performed […]

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