Samsung and YouTube Team Up in 3D

YouTube on TV

I was not aware that YouTube had 3D videos, but evidently the folks at Samsung were as they have launched a new app for their Smart TV platform called “YouTube on TV” specifically for YouTube’s 3D content. Now, to be fair, it sounds like Samsung had the inside scoop on YouTube’s 3D library because the two companies were talking up […]

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Unhappy with UltraViolet? Flixster Suggests iTunes

UltraViolet, Hollywood’s fledgling digital movie locker service, launched a little over month ago, and it wasn’t long before the negative reviews started rolling in. Warner Bros. is UltraViolet’s biggest proponent and the Warner Bros. owned Flixster is the only outlet for UltraViolet content. Warner Bros. and Flixster need a hit to make UltraViolet a success and start turning the tide of […]

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YouTube and Disney Teaming Up on Original Content

YouTube + Disney

We recently commented on Roku adding a Disney channel to its little streamer and the importance of being able to put the Disney brand on the box. Even when the content is not particularly compelling, the brand alone is enough to attract the attention of parents and children. YouTube may be counting on the same effect as YouTube and Disney […]

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DirecTV Streaming Live TV to iPad


We’ve mentioned DirectTV’s recently launched Nomad device before that allows DirecTV subscribers to take their DVR recordings on the road. The downside to the Nomad was that you could only load up your mobile device on your home network. DirecTV has updated their iPad app with support for live TV streaming, but like Nomad transfers, it only works from your […]

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