Sony RM-VL600 Universal Remote Control

After having the Harmony 880 for just over a year now, I don't think I could go back to a cheaper universal remote. Having a 880 for every TV in the house might be a bit impractical, so something like the Sony RM-VL600 might be a more economical solution. For a scant twenty five dollars you get a a remote […]

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RemoteShoppe’s 2006 Holiday Gift Guide

Yay! A remote article, my favorite type 😉 RemoteShoppe, the purveyor of fine remote reviews, has a holiday gift guide up for ya'all. Not surprisingly, Harmony was the gift of choice in more then one category. From the article: BEST TOUCHSCREEN REMOTE Universal Electronics' Nevo SL This was the most difficult recommendation because the NevoSl and the URC MX3000 are […]

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Monster Central Control System

Monster has tiptoed into the input and HA worlds with their release of the AVL300.  A quick glance at the shape and button layout makes me think that this would be uncomfortable for day to day use. Other then that, it appears very similar to the Harmon 890, except for a few dollars more and Z-Wave support. From the article: […]

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The Apple iTV Remote


Interesting…..and seemingly overly long. But who am I to judge. Decide for yourself, assuming this is even true. VEXO is a universal remote that has been designed to control upwards of 16 devices. VEXO offers a silver-colored key-coin made of aluminum, set in black, glossy polycarbonate glass—instead of the usual chaos of buttons. Rotating and pressing operations controlled by the […]

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Monster Central Control System AVL 300


Would you spend $200 extra for a remote that can control your lights? That's the question Monster is hoping you'll say yes to. It's a slightly redesigned Harmony 890 remote, with some home automation (ok, just lights) thrown in. It's cool for sure, but are you gonna drop $600 on this?  A brand new plasma (or LCD if that's your […]

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(Real?) Windows Vista Media Center remote


And the world breathes a sigh of relief to know that Microsoft hasn't completely lost their mind. If you recall, we (and about every HTPC website) posted pictures of a horribly ugly remote back at Digital Life, and some thought that would be the Vista remote spec. Luckily, it wasn't true, and Long Zheng posts what he believes is the […]

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Video: Logitech Harmony 670 Remote

The basic $9.99 universal remote from Radio Shack really doesn't cut it in the Home Theater environment. Certainly it is an improvement over handling multiple remote but its unlikely to win any "favours" from your significant other. The Harmony line of remotes from Logitech doesn't quite step into the HA realm (yes I know about the 890), but it does […]

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Get the look of a Series 3 TiVo without the Hardware


Ok, so not exactly the look of a Series 3, but you can at least show off with the Series 3 remote which does look mighty snazzy. At $50 though, it's definitely cutting close to Logitech's sexy universal offerings, just won't say TIVO on it 🙂 TiVo’s remote control designer points out enhancements versus the standard Series2 model: Fully backlit […]

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