Battle of the Media Center Movie Managers


Movies are the pride of many a home theater PC user. While your friends may have a wall of movies, nobody can argue with the convenience of locally (or network) stored movies, being able to view information, filter and display them all within Media Center, and play them from a single remote without ever having to leave the sofa. It’s […]

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Life With a Plugin Episode 23: mcShoutCast


Music is a natural player in a home theater PC environment, yet the idea of streaming has stayed in the shadows for quite some time. It could be that home theater users crave higher fidelity from their music, or that they already have the music they enjoy in their digital collections. That being said, I have often enjoyed the ability […]

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Life With A Plugin Episode 22: Netflix in Media Center


Netflix in Windows Vista Media Center–not a new topic, having reviewed three community-developed applications exactly one year ago (May 2008)–but this time fully supported by Microsoft. This has been a dream of many since Netflix announced the availability of streaming content and dealt with the buginess of the unofficial applications in the aforementioned review. It has finally arrived, for Vista […]

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Life With A Plugin Episode 19: Radiotime


If you remember the days of the initial Windows Media Center with that wonderfully never used Radio button, then you will be pleased to see that there’s a plugin created which aims to increase the power of that. Of course, as I hinted, I don’t know many people who have or ever use an actual FM tuner inside the Media […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 17: MyDrinks


One of the reasons I began this series was to expose the community to those smaller and less well known applications. The type that would be "must have’s" for 10 out of 100 people. I think MyDrinks would classify as that, so I hope you are all part of that 10, or if you’re more then we sure have a […]

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Life With A Plugin:


This program is very much in beta, as such rather than review it I will give you a preview of where it is at development. No episode # for this go around. In it’s simplest form, SecondRun provides a 10′ UI for the TV portal website. This plugin is the biggest development to come out of the Media Center […]

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