HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7690n PC


Personally, I prefer building systems myself, or if I have to buy a system, going from smaller vendors like PC Alchemy, Niveus, Vidabox, etc., since I've always felt you get more attention from those guys since their customers are more important to their success since they're smaller. But, there's something to be said about the big boys, and being able […]

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Vidabox offer CableCard as well as Blu-ray and HD DVD

GARDEN CITY, NY – January 23rd – VidaBox, a manufacturer of premium media center systems, is delighted to announce that it will be offering a new CableCARD option to its line of media center products.  With dual internal digital cable receivers, VidaBox CableCARD systems will not only feature integrated tuning for premium high definition digital content, but users can also […]

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Sony’s VAIO VGX-TP1DT media PC stack


I am not too sure what to say about Sony's latest living room PC. Usually their hardware is well designed and thought out but I am not too sure about the vylinder stack method they have going here. Combined the two make up an HTPC/Media Center/Media Storage'esque device. Head on over to EngadgetHD for the specs. From the article: If […]

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Apple, Microsoft have designs on your living room

Almost as interesting as the format wars is the raging battle between Microsoft and Apple. It is more of a propaganda war at this point. Both sides are touting Howitzers and in all reality both are coming to battle with pea shooters. This article from c|net is their take on Microsoft's Home Media Server and Apple's TV products. Neither are […]

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Price: The Only Feature That Matters

Chris Lanier reviews what it's going to take to get Vista MCE to be a fully mainstream HTPC for most consumers, and surprise, it's Price that's the important thing. He has a nice breakdown of some good price ranges for different system purposes. We need a few different price points as Vista gets here. $800-$900 – Cable Ready PCs.  These […]

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HP Gives The iMac Some Competition


The new TouchSmart PC from HP looks pretty dang snazzy. It has certainly got me interested as a computer that would be very handy in the kitchen or family room for a family to use. The touchscreen applications look very well thought out and of course very Apple like. Now if it can hook into Vista MCE GUI for streaming […]

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iTV becomes Apple TV

That's right everyone! Apple TV is here! I am time limited, so head on over to engadget and read the story for the scoop. You may also take a look at the new iPhone! From the article:  Well now we know that iTV has officially become Apple TV. It's real folks: we got 802.11 b/g AND 802.11n, USB 2.0, Ethernet, […]

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Sony Announces The XL3

Although most of our CES coverage, including this article, will be in our daily summary, I thought this was worth special mention. After all of these years the technology has finally arrived to allow the Media Center to replace every stand alone box in your Home Theater (minus the receiver of course). The XL3 can replace a HD TiVo, high […]

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Shuttle launches second-gen mini PC


Shuttle made a name for themselves with their small form factor, and they've upgraded last years version of the super small form (about the size of a paper). With a Core Duo & a tuner, this could be a great HTPC if space is a problem. Price comes in around $1000-1300. The XPC Mini X200 incorporates an Intel 945GM-based mobo […]

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