MissingRemote.com HTPC Build Guide


Sometime ago, we had a few readers request an update to our build guides we published shortly after we started the site. I will remind our readers of a couple important points. Ultimately we pick a piece of hardware because we feel it offers the best bang for the buck. I would imagine that there will be a lot of […]

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CentOS 5.1: Pimped

CentOS 5.1 Pimped

We’ve covered a slim CentOS install, converted to using a flash drive, and even enabled SSH and VNC remote administration.  Now it’s time to do some optimization and customizing of your install.  We will learn about how to speed up the boot process, tweaking Xfce’s start up time, and even some adjustments to Xfce’s look and feel.  Interested?  Then let’s […]

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CentOS 5.1: Flashed

CentOS 5.1 Flashed

PCs = Noise.  No matter how you stack things up, it seems there is always something clicking, buzzing, humming, or whooshing in your ear.  Whether it is the fans keeping the system cool, the hard drive grinding away, or even the clicking of the keys and mouse, noise is ever present.  While there are many guides about reducing fan noise […]

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CentOS 5.1: Stripped Install

CentOS Logo

CentOS is the community based clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Its stability and long release cycle make it perfect for building a home server or MythTV appliance.  Let’s walk through the process of installing a stripped down but very functional version of CentOS 5.1 which can be the basis for your next Linux project. Digg It! History   History […]

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VNC: Window To A Remote GUI

Windows Server Configuration Dialog

If a Windows user wants remote access to another Windows GUI it’s as simple as configuring Windows Remote Desktop and initiating a session.  That’s all fine and good, but let’s say the remote GUI is a Linux based PC or perhaps the Windows user wants to use something other than Remote Desktop.  How then is this trick to be accomplished?  […]

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SSH: Secure Console Access From Afar

There comes a time in every Linux user’s life where it would be quite handy to administer the box remotely. Whether it is to tweak some Linux settings from a Windows box or to fiddle with the Linux server in the basement from the comfort of your desktop system upstairs, SSH (Secure SHell) can make your dreams come true. Today, […]

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HTPC Buying Guide: Graphics Cards

Matt, with some help from the rest of us, dives into what makes a good graphics card for your HTPC. This guide is a part of a series of articles that will help newcomers and enthusiasts alike buy the best parts for their HTPC builds. As mentioned in the CPU article guide , this is a series of articles that […]

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HTPC Buying Guide: Processors


Let me start off by introducing our new article series here at Missing Remote. On a periodic basis, as technology moves on, we will be creating buying guides for each component of a HTPC. This is an effort of all editors here at Missing Remote with extra credit going to Matt for basically writing the guide. Of course, I need […]

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