Using EventGhost to Integrate a 3rd Party App with Your Front End

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  Most people in the HTPC community have a preferred media center application that handles 80% to 90% of the capabilities desired. Unfortunately, integrating an outside application to add functionality to your main front end and get to 100% seamless integration is not always easy. This is where automation tools can help. Automation tools are a class of software applications […]

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How to Integrate Hulu Desktop to Media Center


UPDATE 8/20/2009: This guide has been confirmed working on Windows 7 and will place the shortcut to Hulu in your Extras Library. Click the Comments post for user tips on getting the icon on your start menu.   If this article sounds familiar, it’s because I have previously written a similar article on integrating Boxee into Media Center . With […]

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Black Magic Antennas


With the analog to digital conversion coming in one month, many people who generally get most of their TV from Over The Air sources tend to question if their current antenna setup will be able to receive the new digital broadcasts.  Today we will be demystifying the Black Magic that is antennas and how they work.     Getting Free […]

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How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7


GUIDE REPLACED: JULY 22, 2009 – GO HERE FOR THE NEW GUIDE FOR WINDOWS 7 SP1 BUILD Guide Updated: May 2, 2009 – Included support for 7100 RC Build of Windows7 One of the most popular articles ever at has been our guide on how to enable Concurrent Sessions for Windows Vista. For those unaware of what it is, […]

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Video: Programming your Logitech Harmony Remote

There has been discussion in the forums recently about how to properly setup a Harmony remote to drive all of those components sitting in your entertainment center.  Do you use the Devices?  Do you use the Activities?  Do you get up and push the buttons on the front of the devices?  Watch the video and find out! Build What you’ll […]

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Choosing an antenna for your HDTV reception


In a recent article, we discussed how there is nothing special about an "HDTV" antenna.  So now the question becomes, which antenna is the right one for you?  Without going into details about specific antennas, this article will introduce you to the various types of antennas and some of their more imprtant characteristics.  We will also cover which antenna type […]

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HTPC Basics: The Beginnings


The wonderful world of HTPC’s can be very baffling to someone who has never dabbled in the confusing realm of codecs, drivers and programs. So I decided to dedicate part 2 of the HTPC basic series to helping people understand the wide world of HTPC’s. I will briefly cover several topics including software, hardware, audio/video codecs and other.  Digg It! […]

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HTPC Basics HArdware

Hardware Building an HTPC is similar to building a personal computer with a few caveats. Keep in mind these are just talking points to get a beginner started in the right direction. An HTPC is typically in the living room and should be silent If you want to record TV you need a TV tuner device of some sort Required […]

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