Barcode Scanner To Track Your DVDs and Books

If your organizational tendencies lean towards the Monica end of the scale, the Flip UPC Barcode scanner is for you. Bad Friends references aside, for a measily $100 you can keep track of all your codes and upload them into a media management software. For that kind of green I would want it to download the album art, lyrics and […]

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The Media Room of Your Dreams

I am going to guess its not the Media Room of my dreams. I am pretty sure they would get hauled away for giving the Internet a bad name if they tried that. Filthy fantasies aside, the article does a good job in talking about the different options that are available for planning and installing a media room. From the […]

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Triple Whammy From CineNow


CineNOW! has the scoop on three new HT products that are about to hit the market. A couple of front projectors and a new receiver will soon make it to a HT near you. Epson EMP-TW700  It surely has what it takes to offer "the ultimate cinema experience in the comfort of your own home" as they say at Epson. […]

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HT Guys Podcast #114

The Home Theater Guys are at it again with podcast #114! This week they talk about a few news tidbits including more Blu-ray delay rumours. As well, they talk in depth about the DVD iScan VP30 video processor-A/V Switcher. Read the article: Listen to the podcast: So what does it do?  It cleans everything up and gives you the best […]

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DVD Jon Cracks Apple’s FairPlay DRM

It looks like DVD Jon can put another feather in his cracking hat. He has cracked Apple's FairPlay DRM and intends to spin this into a commercial venture. I would guess its a matter of time before this one hits the courts. From the article: Jon Lech Johansen, a 22-year-old Norway native who lives in San Francisco, cracked Apple's FairPlay […]

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Sony LF-B20 LocationFree Base Station (wireless)


C|Net reviews the 3rd generation of Sony's LocationFree Base Station. I recall reading about their first version a while ago which had nothing but problems. It's good to see them not giving up on a product, and giving Slingbox some competition. Worst case, you can fake your friends out and say it's a new Playstation 3…   Both new Base […]

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DVD sales drop


A nice rant over at HD Blog addresses the predicted decline in DVD sales in 2007. Gee Whiz, you think? What could be the reason… mmm Here are a few with out much effort: 15 different editions of movies (as pointed out in the article) Format wars… DRM – No legal way to rip DVDs for personal use Price How […]

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Is Digital Rights Management Hurting Music Sales?

Looking at the title and judging by Tower Records departure from the retail world, I would guess price is more of an issue then anything. The article does make an excellent point, removing confusion caused by DRM and competing technologies will only increase the available market. A bigger pie so to speak. From the article: As digital music becomes more […]

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