First Look: Cyberlink Live Beta


Those of you familiar with might remember my Guide to Streaming Media article I wrote a while back, comparing Orb, Webguide and SageTV Placeshifter. Well, apparantly the folks over at Cyberlink saw it as well and decided that they could have something to offer and have named it CyberlinkLive. So let's see how their early betas can compare with […]

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ATSC/NTSC Combo Tuner Round Up


As part of the upcoming 2009 digital TV transition the final phase of consumer electronics compliance was put into effect last month: any TVs, DVRs, etc. made from this point forward must also include an ATSC tuner. For the HTPC world this means that any PC TV tuner made from this point forward must have an ATSC tuner in addition […]

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Logitech Harmony 670


    Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote Review On the table today is the Harmony 670 Universal Remote from Logitech. Let's find out what it's capable of for an MSRP of $149.99.     So, you find yourself armed with a fancy new tv, a top notch receiver, fancy floor shaking speakers, a new HTPC to drive it all and […]

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Radioshack 15-1892: Indoor Antenna w/ RF Remote

Radioshack 15-1892

  Radioshack 15-1892: Indoor Antenna w/ RF Remote Today I am taking a look at the Radioshack 15-1892 Indoor Antenna. This is one of the many antennas available at Radioshack. I'm hoping it can improve my reception quality in my first floor apartment. In an urban/suburban area distance to the towers isn't always the only issue, multipath rejection can play […]

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Streaming your Media Content Anywhere


    So I'm sure by now you've all heard of Slingbox, that neat little box that connects to your TV and then allows you to stream that content over the internet to any computer you're at. Well, while Slingbox may have been the first to get into the mainstream with this technology, it was far from being the pioneer […]

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Showtime Interactive in Vista MCE


  Showtime Interactive Today we will take a quick peak at the latest online spotlight application in Vista Media Center, Showtime Interactive. Let's see if it's worthy of becoming a player in the online content world.   Showtime Interactive is yet another online content distributor made possible by the generous folks at Showtime, where you can find and download programs […]

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Loudspeaker Design Basics

Loudspeaker Design Basics

  Loudspeaker Design Basics Today we will take a look at the basics of loudspeaker design. Specifically, we will cover general concepts, terminology, design parameters, and enclosure styles which are essential knowledge for a successful build. Loudspeaker design is commonly perceived as somewhat of a “black art” and not really approachable by DIY audiophiles. Sure, it is not uncommon to […]

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Seasonic M12 500W Modular Power Supply

Seasonic M12 Box and PSU

Seasonic M12 500W Modular Power Supply Today I am taking a look at the Seasonic M12 500W power supply. The Seasonic M12 is the first modular power supply to be offered by Seasonic. Quiet, cool, stable and modular it has the potential to be a killer solution for use in a Home Theater PC. Let's find out how well it […]

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Webguide 4: Your Content… Anywhere


Ever since the first MCE release, users have always requested the ability to remotely control the recordings & other facets of their Media Centers. Since the first version of MCE, Webguide has existed to provide that feature (and now much more) to users everywhere. I'll be reviewing the complete, pay-for version of Webguide. The free version is strictly limited to […]

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