Comcast and Disney Sign Agreement for TV Everywhere

Disney has been in a serious deal-making mood these last few months. First they hooked up with Roku, then they went big with YouTube. Now they’ve signed on for a 10 year deal with Comcast that will see almost all of Disney’s networks made available on Comcast’s Xfinity streaming and VOD service. If you can name a Disney, ABC, or […]

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Comcast Takes Detour to Barcelona Enroute to Xcalibur

Comcast is still working on their app-like Xcalibur settop box UI, but evidently Comcast feels they need something to hold folks over until Xcalibur arrives. Comcast was recently showing off their revamped high definition guide, codenamed Barcelona. It’s already rolling out in select markets and will be going wider before the end of the year. Like other HD UI overhauls […]

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Comcast Looking to iPad Apps for Cable Set Top Box UI

Comcast App

Comcast is in the process of developing a new UI for their set top cable boxes. Known as Xcalibur, Comcast has been approaching the development of the UI with an eye to what consumers are becoming accustomed to on other devices. The goal is a UI that supports apps that tie into online services while displaying richer content information in […]

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Comcast Pilot Testing IPv6 Rollout to Home Cutomers


The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has been a study in technological baby steps. Even as the world is rapidly running out of IPv4 addresses, ISPs are very slowly working out how to move their customers to IPv6. Comcast has stepped up and become the first major ISP to deploy IPv6 to home customers, albeit only to customers in one town […]

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MLab Study Surveys BitTorrent Throttling Among Major ISPs


BitTorrent has had a rocky go of it with Internet Service Providers. Whether used for legitimate purposes or not, many ISPs have chosen to throttle BitTorrent connections. Mlab was established a few years ago specifically to study the network management practices of major ISPs. Though BitTorrent throttling was the not the only interest of MLab, it was definitely a major focus. MLab […]

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Peek Behind the Scenes at Comcast’s Transition to IP VOD

Comcast on Demand

Comcast has been betting big on Video on Demand over the last few years as the company has pulled its services together under the Xfinity brand. As the largest cable provider in the U.S., Comcast has certainly generated its fair share of detractors for its business practices and content and service offerings, but whatever your feelings about the company, the […]

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Comcast Testing A La Carte Waters with MyTV Choice

Comcast seems to be keeping itself busy cooking up all sorts of new services in its test kitchens in Pennsylvania. The Comcast chefs’ latest concoction is a potentially tasty treat that tries to balance the exquisite flavors of true a la carte programming with the satisfying gluttony of channel packages. Labeled MyTV Choice, the service has been test run in […]

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