Time Warner Cable Apps Available for Android Phones

Time Warner Cable Android App

Time Warner Cable hasn’t managed to put out an app for streaming live TV anywhere but the iPad so far, and has only recently started paying attention to Android tablets, but Android phones are getting some extra attention from TWC. TWC has let slip two new apps specifically formatted for Android phones. There is My TWC, an account management app, and […]

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Dijit Universal Remote Control for iPad Getting an Overhaul

We had the opportunity to spend time with the Dijit Universal Remote Control app when we reviewed the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control. Dijit does work with all iOS devices right now, including the iPad, but it doesn’t really take advantage of the tablet. Dijit is updating their app with enhanced support for the iPad. The updated app will take full advantage […]

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Crackle, PBS, and Lifetime Take a Trip to Fanhattan


Fanhattan was one of two apps out of a recent roundup of media recommendation apps that I have been playing with quite a bit over the last few days. Fanhattan looks like a media aggregation service, but it doesn’t aggregate media so much as aggregate links to other apps that play the media and it’s pretty darn spiffy. It’s pretty […]

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Spotify Becoming Even More Social and Adding Apps

Spotify has always had a strong social media bent that has only become more pervasive as Spotify has intensified its relationship with Facebook, however most of the attention has been on sharing your music listening activities with the wider world. Spotify is looking inward with their latest Spotify client. Rather than just sharing your activities out to Facebook, the Spotify […]

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5 Video and TV Show Recommendation Apps Recommended for You


About a week ago we pointed out an article about Matcha.com, a new content aggregation site that is looking to make its mark by building a social media-infused recommendation engine around its linked content. At the time we noted that Matcha.com’s interface and layout would serve it well for the inevitable transition to mobile app deployment. In the meantime, there […]

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