How to Fix HDMI Switching Delay


Anyone out there that is using HDMI devices together with a receiver, have your ears perked up yet just by reading the subject here? This definitely sounds like an awesome feature, which if it works would significantly improve the delay that exists today as you switch from your various HDMI-devices (which is VERY annoying). I’d wait to see a review […]

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Audioholics $500 and $750 Receiver Roundup


Selecting a receiver is a critical part of any home theater. It handles all of your inputs and switching between devices, not to mention the sound quality going out to your speakers. Of course, with receivers ranging in price as little as $100 to over $5000, selecting the right one for you is never easy. Here’s some comparison guides from […]

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Sunfire TGR-401 Theater Grand Receiver


I know I’m not the foremost expert when it comes to stereos, but I find it a bit odd that for $4000 you don’t even get the HD codecs with this receiver. That being said, everything else on the unit is apparantly fantastic boasting 200 watts per channel.   Electronic House The TGR pumps out 200 watts per channel and […]

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Marantz $6K UD9004 Blu-ray player now shipping


Some nice specs (not surprising) at a not so affordable price…but then again Marantz has never been known for its budget systems.  EngadgetHD For a cool six grand, give or take, the all in one CD, SACD, DVD Audi and Blu-ray playing beast can be yours, complete with internal HD audio decoding, Silicon Optix Realta chipset, 7.1 analog outputs and […]

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Samsung has a new Blu-ray HTIB with the HT-BD3252


This home theater in a box offering from Samsung throws everything in there, except the kitchen sink. At $800 it’s not the cheapest, but it’s still way more affordable than buying components of each. It all depends your needs and your budgets, but this at least looks cool. Engadget Samsung’s latest Blu-ray HTIB features just about anything an all-in-one customer […]

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Bose SoundLink Stereo Streams Tunes Wirelessly


If you like spending too much money on average sound equipment (depending on who you ask), then you’re going to love this news! Hey, at least stylistically it’s better than the old Bose…right?   HotHardware The system even includes a built-in, rechargable battery that enables it to accept streams and play back music away from an AC outlet for up […]

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