Video: InternetTV for Windows 7 In Action

Along with the Netflix icon for Windows 7, users will also see a tile for InternetTV, which is the next version of Microsoft’s online video content offering. A short while ago, it was rumored and hoped that Microsoft was in the works with on being able to integrate their amazing library of shows into Media Center…however, it’s clear that is not going to happen.

InternetTV brings together a number of online video content sources, some new and some previously present in the InternetTV Beta in Windows Vista. Previously existing was the content from MSNBC and MSN TV, which provides news clips and some older shows such as the Twilight Zone. New to Windows 7 is some content from CBS and a Zune Video Podcast section. CBS’ offering is some full episodes and a lot of clips and trailers, while Zune’s Podcast section has a large selection of Videos such as HD Nation. Rounding out the offerings is full episodes from PBS, and clips from Showtime and the CW network.

Here’s Part 1 of my video recording of InternetTV in action, specifically covering the installation not only of the application itself, but of the Flash plugin (yes, I said Flash) for Media Center.


The 2nd Part covers usage of the application itself. As you can see, there’s no clear way to find full episodes to watch. You basically have to go to each show and then just hope there’s an "Episodes" section instead of "Clips." This is an increasingly frustrating piece, and becomes more so given that a lot of the content is available as full episodes online.


My favorite part of the InternetTV app is actually the Zune Video Podcasts, which has a nice selection of content, but not nearly as much or customizable as the now defunct TV Tonic application. Also, the ability to launch Netflix from within this app will allow me to hide the Microsoft Movies row so I can continue to use Media Browser, My Movies or whatever Movie app I prefer. Maybe I’ll use Media Center Studio in the future to move the Netflix tile, but honestly I just don’t use Netflix enough to justify.