Panasonic to launch 1080p LCD projector


Panasonic is hitting the 1080p projecotr by storm this fall with the launch of the PT-AE1000. This bad boy has 2X optical zoom, 1,100 ANSI lumens brightness and a fantastic 11,000:1 contrast ratio. With specs like these, its not hard to guess what sort of price tag you would be looking at. From the article: Picture processing includes 14-bit dynamic […]

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You can take the Alan out of the HTPC but you can't take the HTPC out of Alan. Its probably fitting that my first post be about SageTV and their new beta. After having time to look through the new manual and some of the threads on Sage's forum, it has become apparent to me that this isn't the break […]

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Velodyne calls in SubContractors

Velodyne has released a new range of subwoofers aimed at custom installation applications. The new subs range from $399 for the 8" on up to $999 for the 15". One other model to speak off is the 12" SC-IF/IC that allows the installer to completely hide it in a floor or ceiling. Its amazing what they can do these days. […]

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Philips 42PF9831D 42-inch LCD TV Review


I have always wanted to chek out the ambilight series of TVs from Phillips in a controlled environment. Until then, I will satisfy my LCD lust with Pocket Lint's (best name ever) review of Phillips' 42PF931. It is certainly no slouch in teh connectivity arena; it sports HDMI, USB Component and Ethernet. The unfortunate part is that this is not […]

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CNET reviews DirecTV’s HR20

We posted about Direct TV's new PVR here , and it looks like the big boys at C|Net have taken a look at it as well. After a steep drop to $299, Direct TV has their cross hairs pointed at TiVo. The new H20 offers 200 hours of SD storage and 50 hours of HD storage . From the article:  […]

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Catching the Z-Wave

Sure I could start this news post out with Gnarly man, this is way cool. I leave that for ldown the read so more reads can catch my bad humour. Todays article from is a FAQ of sorts on Z-Wave wireless technology. The article is quite technical therefore quite a bit over my head, it sounds like I have […]

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Samsung HL-S5679W

We are a bit top heavy on display news today, but I guess thats how the cookie crumbles. I have yet to read a review of a LED based set and was interested to see what the folks at C|net thought. The overall feeling is that LED based sets are not quite worth the high price they demand right now. […]

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Fox Announces New Blu-ray Titles, Launches Website

Early adopters rejoice, Fox has announced several new Blu-ray titles and a wesbite to boot. The titles mentioned in the article are: The Sentinel, Entrapment, Rising Sun, From Hell and Flight of the Phoenix. There is no word if the titles will be 1080p, also there are no details on the soundtrack. From the article: These latest Blu-ray announcements come […]

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Onkyo’s upconverting DV-SP504 gold DVD player

With this news story coming across my desk, I just realized I have not made a news category for traditional DVD/CD players. I'll file this under General news for now. Getting to the story at hand, Onkyo is releasing a new upconverting DVD player to replace the DV-SP502. Format wise, expect it to support DVDs, CDs, SACDs, DivX, MP3 and […]

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