Velodyne calls in SubContractors

Velodyne has released a new range of subwoofers aimed at custom installation applications. The new subs range from $399 for the 8" on up to $999 for the 15". One other model to speak off is the 12" SC-IF/IC that allows the installer to completely hide it in a floor or ceiling.

Its amazing what they can do these days.

From the article: 

The company has also released a new 1,250W RMS DSP-controlled Class D
amplifier. Priced $999, the SC-1250 features seven-band automatic RoomEQ and
four specially customised internal EQs plus subsonic frequency, slope and
overload protection to guarantee optimal performance when used with one of the
SubContractor subs.

The range is currently planned to arrive in the UK towards the end of
October, although prices had yet to be confirmed at the time of going to press