HDHomeRun DVR now supports protected (DRM) channels on XBox One and some Windows 10 machines

SilconDust promised it, and it’s certainly taken longer than expected, but if you’ve been waiting for protected CableCARD content support from the HDHomeRun DVR you can finally dive in. If you have an XBox One, or are one of the lucky Windows 10 users where it works.

Details are a bit light on what separates the have/have nots on W10, but if you are one of the unlucky – you will need to get back into wait mode. 

After a crazy amount of work we now have live TV protected channel support on XBox One!

This is a major milestone for us on the way to full DVR support.

Some Windows 10 systems will also play protected channels with this release. Quick test – check you are running the latest HDHomeRun app release from the app store (1.1.162.x) and try tuning a protected channel. If you get sound but no video then it can be made to work by installing the Windows DVD Player app from the Windows store ($15 paid app). If you get an ‘unable to play channel’ error then you will need to wait for our next app update for protected channels to work.

We are busy working to expand platform coverage and to release support for recording protected content.

More information and discussion can be found on our forum.

It is happening!



  • They promised it over a year

    They promised it over a year ago.  I got tired of waiting and just installed EPG123 on my Windows 7 HTPCs with WMC and couldn’t be happier.  The HDHR DVR app UI is a total mess and the lack of a grid guide is a non-starter for me. The only reason I even considered switching to the HDHR app was because of the possibility that Microso0ft could cut off our guide data any time they choose.  EPG123 allows me to cut ties with both Microsoft and Rovi so there is no need for the HDHR DVR app anymore.  I paid for five years of guide data with the Kickstarter campaign that I will never use. 

    I also dislike the fact that that I can only use the HDHR tuners with this app.  I had three HDHR Connects that I just retired in favor of the new Hauppauge quadHD tuner.  It’s the best ATSC tuner I have used to date, and I’ver tried so many different ones I’ve lost count.  I still use a Ceton InfiniTV6 and would have to get two more HDHR Primes for the same number of tuners.  I already have a HDHR Prime that’s shared between other TVs in the house for live TV.  The lack of a 6-tuner Prime is just another broken promise from SD.

    While I applaud the effort to come up with an alternate solution to WMC for recording and playing DRM content, this app has been a major disappointment and has fallen well short of expectations, not to mention promised delivery dates.  It’s nowhere near as user friendly or capable as WMC, not to mention the total lack of flexibility with other tuners.  If I wanted to be locked into a single platform then I’d be using a Mac and not a PC.  It seems like Nick and his group have spent more time trying to make this thing compatible with other platforms instead of delivering on the initial promises he made at the start of the Kickstarter campaign.

    It may be happening, Nick, but it’s way past the expiration date, IMHO.

    • All valid points, especially

      All valid points, especially around it being way-way-late.

      If you’re happy with 7MC, I wouldn’t switch (it’s what I tell everyone :)). I think the main value, at least for me, is that you aren’t tied to a HTPC. While I generally watch my shows on the main TV, everyone else uses a tablet or a different PC in the house. Flexility is great.

  • I just tried this on my

    I just tried this on my Macbook Pro with a Boot Camp installation of Windows 10 and I’m able to view all the channels on my HDHomerun without Windows DVD Player?!?! So apparently you don’t need the DVD Player component or else there’s something unique to my Windows installation that makes this possible. Conversely, I have no access to protected channels on the Boot Camp installation on my iMac. No video or audio. I live in southwestern Ohio and have Time Warner / Spectrum as my cable provider.

    Edit: My bad. Turns out I DO have windows DVD player installed. At least I can confirm it works!

  • I just made the jump to test

    I just made the jump to test out it for a few months while keeping WMC.  Biggest issue I have is the grid Guide.  They will eventually update the app with more features that people are major familiar with WMC.  They are trying to hard to make the app be smart with respect to recording shows, but you do not have he granular control I am used to with WMC.  Guide and sewrching for shows will need from improvements.

    protected content will come to android eventually….Frustrating yes.

     Win 10 app works flawlessly for protected content, but with the above described issues around guide and granular recording control.

    • I’m pretty sure their guide

      I’m pretty sure their guide is here to stay, or at least until all the patents around presenting TV data in a grid expire.

  • I can confirm that the

    I can confirm that the HDHomerun Windows 10 app didn’t work two weeks ago
    and had black screen when trying to view DRM channels.
    I do have the Windows DVD Player app installed.

    The HDHomerun Windows 10 app now works and tunes channels without issue
    that it would previously not work with.
    Windows 10 Pro Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.11) 

    Will test my install of the HDHomerun DVR app and see if it indeed works also.