Amazon Echo now controls Harmony via “Skill”

If you have an Amazon Echo (or Echo Dot) you can now natively control your Logitech Harmony Smart Hub via a “Skill”. It is US only for the moment (suck), but I was able to have a brief play with it anyway (shhh). Overall, it’s nice that it’s there. But, lacks some of the flexibility avaiable with ha-bridge integration (e.g. renaming activities to whatever you want). That said, not everyone want to spin up a box to host a 3rd party bridge app.

ogitech is the latest tech company to embrace Amazon’s Alexa’s voice-controlled smarts, with the news that it is now allowing its customers to control their home entertainment through the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

The integration — initially available in the U.S. only, with the U.K. arriving in the “coming months,” – lets owner of Logitech’s Harmony hubs access a new Alexa skill that enables them to turn on their TV, adjust the volume, activate a specific TV app such as Netflix, and listen to music — all by using their voice.


  • i have to admit i’ve been

    i have to admit i’ve been intrigued by the Echo since it laucnhed, but never really saw the need given Siri and Google can do the same, but this is seriously itneresting. 

    • By itself it’s not that

      By itself it’s not that interesting, but once you add in HA devices and Harmony it’s AWESOME. Love that I can walk into the room and tell Alexa to turn on the light, or start up Netflix :).