SVS announces line of reasonably priced audio accessories

Good audio cables and accessories don’t have to be expensive. In fact they don’t even have to be that high quality, as long as you’ve caveated properly. That said, coat hangers are hard to work with (unless your car needs opening, in which case…), and frankly they don’t look very nice either. Thankfully there’s a lot of space between that, and the $1000 triple-braided unicorn mane based kit many “audiophiles” swear by. Personally, I think it most important thing is that it fits in the environment and easy to work with. This why I’m happy to pay a little bit more for quality terminals or dual-color in-wall wires, and when I can’t hide it away – maybe even spring for some nicer looking runs.

SVS made a name for themselves by selling high quality subs (and speakers) at a reasonable price, and it looks like their new SoundPath accessory line fits quite cleanly into the same paradigm.  I know that if I still had hardwood floors, I’d be looking pretty hard at that sub isolation kit.

SVS SoundPath Accessories Deliver Sensibly Priced High End Audio Excellence

Youngstown, OH – December 11, 2015 – Seeking to fill a void between exorbitantly priced “snake oil” solutions and bare bones, point A to point B audio accessories, Ohio-based SVS proudly launches the SVS SoundPath Audio Accessories line. Whether it’s an interconnect cable to hook up a subwoofer or other component, a bass management fix to eliminate room artifacts, or speaker cables for home theater or two channel systems, SVS SoundPath has a solution.

“It’s nearly impossible to find high quality audio cables, interconnects and bass management solutions that don’t make you overpay for outlandish marketing claims or have you pay less for second rate quality,” said Gary Yacoubian, president, SVS. “SVS SoundPath audio accessories bridge the gap by combining engineering excellence and exceptional performance with welcoming prices.”

Currently, the SVS SoundPath Audio Accessories line consists of five premium audio accessory solutions to help users connect and perfect the performance of speakers, subwoofers and AV components. The new line includes:

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System

The SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System improves bass performance while sharply reducing bass output transferred through floors and walls, making you a better neighbor.  The optimized elastomer feet de-couple a subwoofer from the floor, creating tighter, more precise and immersive bass you can feel, while cleaning up distracting room-based artifacts and preventing low frequency sound waves from bothering neighbors or housemates in adjacent areas. The SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System works with nearly any brand or model of subwoofer and many AV components as well.

SoundPath Interconnect Cable

SVS SoundPath Interconnect Cables maintain pristine signal purity and provide noise rejection under all conditions so audio systems can reach their true performance potential. The new interconnects have a hefty, high-end feel and feature pure copper conductors with 24K gold plated brass connectors and a precision-engineered five-layer dielectric insulation system to reject RF and electromagnetic interference.

SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable

SVS SoundPath Ultra speaker cables are built without compromise using the same materials, design standards and fabrication techniques as the best speaker cables in the world. The cables are expertly soldered and custom terminated by hand in Ohio to any length desired with choice of hand-soldered 24K gold plated copper spades, 24K gold plated copper banana plugs, or a mix of both if spades are preferred for speakers and banana terminals for amps or receivers. 

SoundPath One Speaker Cable

SVS SoundPath One Speaker Cables employ high-end materials, expert fabrication techniques and clever design elements to provide a far superior alternative to bulk speaker wire or cable, at a highly competitive price. The 14 gauge stranded speaker cable offers great fidelity and outstanding noise rejection with excellent durability and comes in 50 or 100 foot spools.

Soundpath Speaker Cable Terminals

SVS SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals are expertly designed to work with all speaker models. The 24K gold plated brass spades and banana terminals were exhaustively tested and configured for the best possible grip and most surface area contact with a wide range of bare wire and speaker terminals. Excellent for use with SVS SoundPath One Speaker Cable, or those from other brands, these banana plug and spade terminals are extremely affordable, easy to assemble and provide perfect signal transfer at the point of contact with your speakers. 

SVS SoundPath audio accessories work with any brand of audio gear as well as the company’s existing speakers and subwoofers. SVS currently manufacturers two full speaker lines, the Prime and Ultra Series, as well as a range of sealed, ported and cylinder subwoofers.                            

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About SVS

Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS builds high performance subwoofers, speakers and audio accessories for people who are passionate about music, home theater, gaming, and powerfully immersive listening experiences. SVS engages customers worldwide through direct and retail sales channels and offers Sound Experts technical support via phone, web, social media, chat, email, in forums and wherever people want to connect. Often considered the best high-end audio gear for the money, SVS is redefining performance and value for people who care about great sound.


  • It’s nice to see some sanity

    It’s nice to see some sanity enter this arena.  I was a diehard audiophile back when I was single and I always strived to put together the best sounding system I could afford.  The introduction of high end cables just got too crazy too fast.  I guess when companies like Audioquest realized how neurotic high-end fanatics were they knew they could charge ridiculous prices for cables and accessories for those seeking the Holy Grail.  I still remember products like the little green dots that you could place all over your electronic components to ward off evil spirits or whatever they were designed to do. 

    I used to buy quality bulk cable and RCA connectors and make my own patch cables and I was perfectly fine with the sound.  I still believe that any quality system should use quality interconnects, but the cost of most of the higher-end brands was insane.  It’s just friggin’ cable!  There’s no magic or voodoo involved in the manufacture nor does it require exotic components. 

    I was always amazed at the hype that went into interconnect design because none of the high-end equipment manufacturers ever used such exotic components in the internal workings of their electronics.  If the cables really did what they claimed then how come internal wiring in a preamp or receiver was just standard wire and not solid silver or some other exotic material?  Nobody interested in high-end audio really blinks when it comes to the cost of a $10K preamp so using such materials and bumping up the cost to cover it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow one bit.

    I just checked their website and looked at their cables.  What’s interesting is that they sell the cable sindividually and not in pairs.  I suppose that’s because they apparently specialize in subwoofers that only require a single cable.  The cables look nice and appear to be of quality construction.  $25 for a single 1-meter cable isn’t outrageous by today’s standards and actually quite affordable.  A 2-meter cable is only $5 more and they come in various lengths all the way up to 15-meters.  Pricing of this nature puts the other manufacturers to shame.  Kudos to SVS for doing the right thing.

    • Well said.
      One reason that

      Well said.

      One reason that the cables might not come in pairs is that you need 1-3 (LRC) of them in different lengths. For e.g. in the last place we lived my front left speaker needed an extra meter of run because of the room layout (thank goodness for room correction :)).