Reference Home Theater Reviews Vizio S5451W-C2 5.1 Sound Bar

It’s hard to argue with the installation simplicity of a soundbar and wireless surrounds, especially in a rented or older house where pulling wires can be a chore. I ended up with a pricey Yamaha sound projector a few years ago because there weren’t really any good alternatives that supported HDMI and real surround sound, so it’s nice to see that cheaper and more flexible alternatives are coming out.

Like the Vizio S4251, the S5451W-C2 adds a wireless subwoofer and surround sound speakers to the front three channels. For $500 you get a true 5.1 channel system without having to run wires all across your room. The S5451W-C2 sounds wonderful for the money, even pairing up to my 122” projection screen and filling the room. If you want an easy, full-featured 5.1 channel system without running a lot of wires, the Vizio S5451W-C2 is your choice.

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