CableLabs Exec Joins Apple

This has the word “intrigue” all over it. As Apple TV has quietly been chugging along amidst many rumors, this hire has to raise some eyebrows and at least reaffirms that the goliath is not just yet abandoning this powerful platform. Curious to see what comes of it.

During his earlier career at CableLabs, Mulé also served as VP of IP technologies and services, director of the PacketCable Architecture, and chief architect. During that span, he ran or helped spearhead several projects, including PeerConnect, the cable industry’s peering registry, a development program for cable industry-focused wireless services (Wi-Fi gateways, device management, inter-operator Wi-Fi roaming, and mobile offload services using femtocells and Wi-Fi), and was involved in several high-profile, IP-based  CableLabs programs such as DOCSIS 3.0 and APIs for second screen video apps.