Control Your XBMC HTPC with a PS3 Remote Control

Now this one was too unique to not pass along. The author had a miniscule budget and a handy PS3 remote control, and goes through the steps on making it into a remote control for an XBMC. The steps are far from basic, but hey, it seems to work!

In the interest of my budget ($10, set by the soon to be wife) and keeping my Dremel on the shelf, I set out looking for an easy way to incorporate operating my HTPC from a remote control without spending a pile of money, cutting up a beautiful SilverStone Grandia GD08, or having a keyboard and mouse on my coffee table.  After much research, I found a way to use the PS3 Remote Control I already had to control XBMC, WMC, or any other application that accepts keyboard input!

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