Apple Announces New Apple TV with 1080p and Revamped Interface

New Apple TV

As expected, Apple had some big announcements to make today. Of course, most of the attention over the last few months has been focused on the new iPad, but for many of us here at Missing Remote, the new Apple TV may prove the more interesting device.  The new model adds 1080p support and a revamped interface that brings it more in line with the other iOS devices with new app icons and a cover flow presentation. Unfortunately, it does not look like we are going to get access to any new apps at this point or access to the rest of the App Store. Apple has also added iCloud access to movies purchased from iTunes for the new Apple TV. The new version appears to have the same form factor and will be available on March 16th for $99, with pre-ordering beginning today.

  • Access to movies via iCloud

    Access to movies via iCloud is nice step forward.

  • My wife really likes the ATV

    My wife really likes the ATV classic we have but I disconnected it to use my old PS3 for netflix streaming.  I’ve been waiting for a Netflix 1080p capable ATV so I think I’ll get this and retire the PS3 from streaming duties.

  • Hopefully, someone will

    Hopefully, someone will figure out how to jailbreak it, and the XBMC guys will update their app to fit in the new menu structure.  Been waiting for something like this for a long time.  Have a hidden NAS in the house serving up media, and have a cheap 1080p player that can play it on the screen and still be able to access Netflix.