Home Theater Hifi Looks at Screen Goo

I’d written off the possibility of getting a projector because in my house anything that requires putting holes in the walls or ceilings is off-limits.  So  it’s really cool to find out that products like Screen Goo exist – now I just need to convince the wife 🙂

Screen Goo is a specially formulated line of acrylic paint products designed specifically for the video projection industry. It allows anyone to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. Screen Goo paint products are ideal for home theater, commercial, educational or industrial front or rear (2D or 3D) projection applications. It’s inexpensive and costs a fraction of what a fixed mounted screen can cost. It can be painted into any size/shape screen and most applications can be done by users without any special tools or skills, such as me.

Home Theater Hifi

  • It’s funny when a company

    It’s funny when a company sells what the DIY people have been doing for years…  There is a whole forum dedicated to painting screens over at avsforum.  The results using a roller are not going to be near what they would be with sprayer.  I used silver fire on my screen (~$50 in paint) with great results.

  • While I love my 110″ 1080p

    While I love my 110″ 1080p projection and it has a great picture trust me Andy it doesn’t hold a candle to that vt25 you have in picture quality and would cost an arm and a leg to get a projector that would even come close.

  • i think it’s great that

    i think it’s great that ScreenGoo is finally getting some public exposure. They’ve been around for a while and I’ve always heard nothing but good things about them back in my CEDIA days. Still haven’t seen one in person though, alas. Damn renting apt!

  • Just remember, with

    Just remember, with projection: Turn off all your lights, close all your blinds, turn off all your devices, and look at the screen.    That’s the deepest black you’ll ever get.