Pay TV LOSES Customers For The First Time Ever

This is the type of report that you can interpret whichever way you are biased. If you’re Hulu, you can tout this report of how you’re taking over blah blah. I tend to side more with the thoughts of this analyst–in these times of recession, people are simply looking to cut costs, and who really needs 300 TV channels?


Is the growing library of video available on the Internet finally starting to erode cable’s stranglehold  on the market? Unlikely, says SNL Kagan analyst Mariam Rondeli, in a release. It’s the recession, and the weak housing market, that are finally slowing cable companies.

But, the risk for cable companies is that once the economy bounces back, consumers will realize they don’t need cable. They might get accustomed to whatever offerings are on the web and never return. Especially if Apple’s forthcoming iTV gadget is any good.