Weekly Podcast Roundup, July 15th 2010

Here are the podcasts from this week, lots to choose from, even a double offering from EngadgetHD since they love 3D THAT much. Enjoy!

Great show for you this week! Joining me for a roundtable are Garry
Whittaker, Media Center MVP Andrew Cherry and WHS MVP Andrew Edney
talking about the latest news and emails sent in including topics like
Freeview HD DRM, PC specs for multiple Media Center Extenders, Divx, 3D
TV and many more topics.

After struggling to find stuff to talk about last week, this week we
ended up cutting some stuff. We start with the Blu-ray Disc Association
(BDA) and their response to Steve Jobs’ comments that Blu-ray
was akin to SACD and other failed audio replacement attempts for the
CD. Basically, they say “we’re doing just fine,” and note that adoption
rates are right in line with DVD at this time in its life-cycle.

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Between DirecTV, Japanese baseball, PS3, iScan Duo and Toy Story, there was plenty of 3D talk to lead things off and we even had to call in Engadget classic editor Richard Lai for a quick assist from across the pond. Of course, there’s still plenty of 2D HDTV news to discuss, including Suddenlink’s TiVo deal and what it might mean for the future of the DVR company, how popular multiroom DVRs really are, and the many, many ways cable companies are screwing up.

When you love to talk HD as much as us, one podcast a week just isn’t
enough. In the special we take some time to talk to Andrew Fear of
nVidia about 3D on HTPCs which includes the 3D Blu-ray playback
requirements as well as frame compatible 3D and viewing our favorite
10-foot UIs in 3D. Then we shift gears to audio and talk to SRS Labs’
chief technology officer about the company’s front rendered surround
sound technology for TVs and sound bars.

Will Ethenet HDBaseT Replace HDMI? DirecTV unveils a 24hr 3D Channel! Can upconverting a film to 3D look any good? Top 5 Superhero movies, and the Blu-ray releases for July 13th, 2010

There’s been a lot of activity on the Internet recently around the new HDBaseT Alliance.  Bottom line, they want to replace HDMI with standard Cat5e or Cat6 cables.  The group was launched in December 2009, but recently announced that LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony have thrown in their support. This, along with a finalized spec, have moved the HDBaseT idea to the forefront of home theater news.

The argument for analog and vinyl, and a behind the scenes look at creating the sound for the original TRON.Guests: Michael Fremer, senior contributing editor for Stereophile magazine, contributing editor for Home Theater magazine and editor of musicangle.com.

Jere and I got a great email about our last show covering Windows Home Server and HTPCs.  We just couldn’t bare to wait until August to talk about it.  I’ll let you listen for all of the details but suffice to say, there seems to be enough interest that we’re going to have to do another WHS show soon.  Hope you enjoy!