Hulu Plus: On Demand on the Couch

Let it be known, I think the Hulu model was terrific and should have been sustainable via straight advertising without the need for the Plus cost, but hopefully it will mean even greater options of shows available. So far it’s been somewhat odd, as some shows on regular Hulu aren’t available on Plus. Kinks?


Take one big screen TV, hook up a Sony PlayStation 3, add a comfy couch and what do you get? My preferred way to enjoy Hulu Plus. The $9.99 Hulu Plus subscription service brings a ton of premium current season and library content to four screens, with the TV being my screen of choice. I’m pleased to announce that today we are releasing a Hulu Plus application for the PlayStation 3. Now Hulu Plus subscribers with PlayStation Plus accounts can access hundreds of shows and thousands of hours of entertainment, streaming on demand in HD right to your TV.