AC Ryan Presents Playon!DVRHD

I hope that they will produce a version that is compatible here in the USA.
Currently the do not have the proper tuner.  I have created a poll on the AC
Ryan to help AC Ryan get a feel for the amount of interest here in the USA.
Please take a moment and vote.


It is with great delight that we advise you the highly anticipated Playon!DVRHD 
is ready to ship. The World’s First Full HD Media Player & Digital Video Recorder 
that can be accessed via the internet, from anywhere in the world. This is 
the must have home entertainment device with exceptional functionality. 
The Playon!DVRHD includes 2 Digital TV (DVB-T) tuners, so you can watch and 
record different channels at the same time. Supports both MPEG2 & newer MPEG4 
H.264 DVB-T broadcast, so you can enjoy DVB-T broadcasts in every country regardless 
of which DVB-T format is broadcasted.       
Store your digital media collection, play back digital content and record live 
television programs instantly or with timer schedule!      
Users will never miss their favourite program again, they simply access the 
Playon!DVRHD remotely via the web to set their recording schedule.      
Now you can also utilise the favourite way to transfer large files over internet 
with the Playon!DVRHD
The Playon!DVRHD has a front LED display, making it easy to see the play and 
recording status from a distance.      
The interface is built for the highest definition of audio and video clarity, 
providing an exceptional level of quality, resulting in a full HD 1080p image. 
The Playon!DVRHD allows the user to avail of high transfer speeds with direct 
connection to the eSATA port on an external eSATA HDD.      
Play your downloaded videos and music not only in the comfort of your living 
room but anywhere life may happen to take you, your mobile or notebook. Simply 
log in over the internet with any web browser and access your digital media