Weekly Podcast Roundup, June 3rd 2010

Great podcasts here, although seems less than normal. Guess everyone else is busy as well. Enjoy!

he biggest splash was of course Google TV. What
is it
? Why do I want it? Is it really innovation? All questions that were,
and continue to be, asked in the wake of the announcement. We discuss
the merits of potentially another box in your living room, is it ahead
of its time? Is it WebTV reincarnate?

No guests this week, but plenty of HD topics like our favorite HD
sources, Apple’s latest play in the living room, and Summer HD
programming. We of course talk a little 3D including DirecTV’s 3D
preparations and ESPN 3D’s expectations. TiVo seems to be the company we
love to hate so we scratch our head trying to think of why Best Buy
would want a TiVo interface on a TV and not a DVR. Finally we talk a
little HD 101 and overscan and what might happen to our TVs if congress
changes the telecom laws.

HBO Shows are coming to the PS3… a year late. What is "motion
resolution"? Can I get a region-free Blu-ray player? Top 5 films we WISH
were on Blu-ray, and the Blu-ray releases for June 1st, 2010.