Thermaltake Element-Q VL52021N2U mITX HTPC Case

Here’s a slick small Mini-ITX case for your eyes to behold. Nothing strikes me as revolutionary about this case, but given the high price some of these have, it’s nice to see this one come in easily under $100.


While Thermaltake kept the wide and large similar to other products, the
height almost doubles other Mini-ITX cases. I don’t find these
particularly problematic, but other users might be looking for the
slimmest case they can get for their money and this won’t satisfy those
needs. The Element Q lacks of aesthetics and cooling options. The
overall design of this case is good, but for some reason, it doesn’t
looks like an elegant HTPC, but more like an enthusiast HTPC (if that
exists). The red line at the front tries to add some unique/elegant
design, but in my opinion they’re just adding some pimp.


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