Antec ISK 310-150 Mini-ITX Desktop Case

I probably should have consolidated this other Mini-ITX case, but oh well. This one’s from Antec, and while it comes with a heftier price tag, it does have some nice features…most notably this thing is tiny!

The appearance of the ISK 310-150 has been improved from the 300-150.
The front view is much more aesthetical and it now looks like a small
home theater and not an old VHS player. It can be mounted horizontally
or vertically to benefit from small areas in the living room and it
keeps a very simple and sleek design. The only fail on the aesthetics
section is the box where it´s packaged, of course.

The construction of the chassis is good. Antec is normally recognized
for high-quality and this isn´t the exception. The whole construction
feels very solid, and even the front part is hard and difficult to
damage. The only exception could be the push-clip front cover but other
than that, Antec gets an A with the ISK 310-150.