Thermalright AXP-140 Heatpipe CPU Cooler

We haven’t covered a lot of HTPC heatsinks recently (don’t worry, we will be!) but here’s one regarding one from Thermalright that looks to be solid.



This review is going to take a look at a CPU cooler designed for use in an HTPC (home theater personal computer) that is compatible with Intel’s socket 775/1156/1366 processors, as well as AMD’s AM2/AM3 processors. As shown in the promotional image below, the Thermalright AXP-140 is a low profile cooler that sports six heatpipes, and the large horizontal surface of aluminum fins is able to support fans up to 140mm in size. You could definitely install this cooler in a system other than an HTPC, but the low profile design should allow it to fit in tighter places (like an HTPC) that a typical heatpipe cooler just wouldn’t work.