Weekly Podcast Roundup, June 17th 2010

Same deal as last week, I’m only now getting to start to listen to any of these due to that little thing called the World Cup going on during my day, but if you hate soccer or have more free time than I do, these are for YOU! Enjoy!

No more satellite HD fees! Video games in 3D! What’s the best software to rip movies? When will my favorite movie hit Blu-ray? And the Blu-ray releases for June 15th, 2010.

The start of World Cup 2010 and launch of ESPN 3D gave us plenty to talk
about, and that’s before we got to Sony’s 3DTV and Blu-ray 3D
announcements, the 152-inch plasma shipping this fall from Panasonic,
and ITV HD ruining the big game for an entire nation. there’s plenty of
sadness to go around however, with Boxee delays, DirecTV glitches and
TiVo / DISH squabbling. Microsoft’s new Xbox 360, along with ESPN3
access and an upgraded Netflix interface gave us plenty to talk about —
we’ll see if it’s actually whisper quiet.

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A look at the intersection of digital audio processing equipment,
acoustics and psychoacoustics.

This week our
news section focuses squarely on what happened in the opening days of
the E3 expo in Los Angeles. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all had press
confereces, and if one thing is clear from all of them, motion control
is going to be a big marketing focus this holiday season as Sony
premiered its “Move” controller and Microsoft showed off a newly named
“Kinect” (formerly Project Natal).