Beware the WD Green Drives

I actually was speaking to an OEM buddy of mine yesterday about these. This particular OEM had spec’d in the WD Green Drives for some of their systems, and had also noticed a failure rate rather unusual. They confirmed with WD that the Green drives are NOT good with RAID due to the amount of vibrations that are caused by having multiple drives running concurrently. I couldn’t get an official word of this, but in seeing the following article, I felt I had to share. WD Black drives are still solid though from what I’m told.

After all of this trouble, I started losing faith in the reliability of
the server and got
a Synology DS1010+ to move my DVD images to
– the primary bulk of
my data. While researching compatible drives for the DS1010+, I found
that there are actually specific notes on their compatibility list
about certain model numbers of the WD Green drives testing well and most
others causing problems.