Happy Father’s Day

From the staff of Missing Remote, we want to wish all the fathers out
there a fun and relaxing day.  For once, hopefully the family won’t get
in the way of your TV watching!  Well, we can dream, can’t we?  So,
don’t forget to wish your father well today, regardless of where he is. 
If you’re lucky enough to still have him with you, be especially
thankful and let him know.  This year is actually quite special, too,
because it’s the centennial of Father’s Day itself.

Father’s Day
will be 100 years old June 20, 2010, and a Spokane,
Washington, woman is credited with being the founder of the annual
celebration. Sonora Smart Dodd, often referred to as the "Mother of
Father’s Day," was 16 years old when her mother died in 1898, leaving
her father William Jackson Smart to raise Sonora and her five younger
brothers on a remote farm in Eastern Washington.